AIC HistoryAdventures In Character (AIC) began in 1998 as a community outreach Bible club, then was expanded in 2000 by a small group of homeschool graduates and highschoolers who saw a need to provide a way for children to attend the annual Teaching Parents Association (TPA) Convention with their parents. After being disappointed with the lack of spiritual depth in many of the children’s curricula on the current market, the AIC staff decided to write their own curriculum that would address the needs of homeschooling students and that would seek to equip and challenge them to be leaders in the world. This has led to the development each year of a comprehensive program, including a full-length drama production, teacher’s curriculum, student workbooks and original songs.

AIC AssemblyAIC is committed to building upon the foundation of God’s Word and presenting it as the absolute Truth that speaks to every area of life. It is our aim to clearly and faithfully present the Gospel to each child, to encourage them to deepen their relationship with the Lord, to look to the Bible for instruction on how to live their lives and to boldly stand for what is right.

The fruit of years of labor is being seen as those who once attended AIC as students are coming back now as teachers, assistants and staff members, eager to impart to the upcoming generation the same Biblical principles that have impacted their lives.