I learned so much not only through the sessions but also through interacting with other teachers and students.
~Angie B., an AIC teacher

AIC is one of my very favorite events of the year; I thank God for the wonderful people who put it together and make such a great weekend possible!
~Claire L., an AIC teacher

AIC tops any program…the program, staff, kids, and lessons exceed all expectations. Without exaggerating AIC is looked forward to along with birthdays and Christmas! And this year we have one who is a teacher. My love for this program has more than doubled! Never have I seen my son so excited to study his Bible or lessons! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do and teach our children!
~Jenny L., a mother

Thank you!! My daughter LOVES AIC!
~Julie D., a mother

I cannot thank all the AIC staff enough for all the time and work that you put into running the AIC program. It is such a blessing to parents attending the conference – especially those parents who have larger families! I love how my children come home with new Christian songs in their hearts and Scripture in their minds.
~Alicia H., a mother

Thanks for all your efforts and devotion. This was the first year we put our kids in the program and they loved it and are already asking if they can go next year. Thanks again, God Bless.
~David D., a father

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for having a program that is truly God centered in input for our children. We attended [another] home school convention three years ago, and although the kids had fun at the program there, it was nothing compared to the two years they have participated in AIC. I know that it is hard work, but with such lasting rewards I pray you are truly encouraged!.
~Julie, a mother

I really enjoyed this year’s play. It has been my favorite one since the western one back in 2008!
~A.W., a student

The best compliment I can give you about AIC is a direct quote from my daughter… “Why is AIC only two days? And for that matter, why is it only once a year?” Thank you for your hard work and diligence in preparing such a great program!
~S.S., a parent

I loved every minute of it so much and would do it every other month if they had it!
~Madison, a 2014 AIC teacher

I wanted to let you know HOW MUCH my boys loved AIC. Today, they have been talking about it and reiterating the skits and giving me every detail of the water fight and pies in the face and what they said to their new friends and on and on. You do a great job putting this together if my kids are still talking about it weeks later and laughing and acting it out! Thank you very much for such a quality, Christian program.
~J.L., a parent

My son LOVED the AIC kids program, and can’t wait to go back! It seems like yesterday that I was an energetic teen helping teach, and hard to believe I have a child old enough to go! It was super special to see some amazing teachers there that I have such good memories of when I taught… A HUGE thank-you to all whose hard work made this weekend possible!!!
~R.S., a parent and former AIC teacher

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