Can I wear whatever I want to teacher trainings or when AIC is not in session?

As long as you dress for sub-zero weather conditions, you can bundle up in the attire of your choice! For teacher trainings, please dress comfortably, but modestly. We will often be playing various games and team-building activities, so dress in clothing that enables you to be active.

During the weekend of AIC, please remain in your AIC polo and clothing that adheres to the dress guidelines at all times. Remember that you are representing AIC to the rest of the convention and area establishments, so we appreciate your help in maintaining a Christ-honoring testimony in the way you conduct yourselves.


What meals will you be providing during AIC?

Friday and Saturday lunch will be provided. Friday will be sub sandwiches, and Saturday will be Chick-Fil-A sandwiches. It will be served from a meeting room in the library across the parking lot from Century II.

Friday dinner is on your own. However, Century II does not allow us to bring any outside food or drink into the facility. You may purchase food at the concessions window, pack food to eat outside (though a picnic in March may not be the most pleasant experience!), or go to a local restaurant to eat. We have an hour and half for the dinner break on Friday, and many of the volunteers like to go to fast food places downtown. If you do this, please make arrangements with your parents ahead of time and be sure you travel with a group and not alone.


I’m a teenage boy; will there be enough food to fill me up?

Trick question. A teenage boy is never full.


I usually snack all day at home, so is it okay if I bring snacks to eat during AIC?

Outside food is permitted in the AIC area only before 7:00 a.m. and after 10:00 p.m., when the concessions are no longer in operation. So unless you’re planning to arrive at the crack of dawn (please don’t, because we don’t want to have to get there to let you in at such an early hour!), please leave your snacks at home. The only exception is if you need them for a medical reason; in that case you can leave them in the Materials Area. And no, starvation is not a legitimate medical reason.


What if I share my snacks with the kids, then can I bring some to have at my booth?

As long as you only bring snacks that are gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, sugar-free, sodium-free, liquid-free, taste-free, and atom-free, you can bring anything you want to share. In case you need help figuring out what you can bring, here’s a complete list of approved snacks: water. That’s right. Due to many allergies and food sensitivities, we are not able to share any food with AIC students. There is, however, a water cooler and cups available at materials for anyone who needs some hydration.


Some of my friends are at the convention; can they come hang out with me in my booth?

We’re glad to hear that you have friends (even though you’re homeschooled)! However, for the safety of the hundreds of children enrolled in AIC, the only people permitted in the AIC area are parents of the students and those who have completed the Volunteer Application process. Encourage your friends to sign up to help next year and then they can hang out with you the whole weekend! In the meantime, you’re welcome to hang out with them outside of the AIC area during your meal breaks.


What supplies do I need to bring from home?

You will receive a team box with many of your general team supplies (pencils, crayons, paper, glue, etc.), and the specific supplies for each session’s activities will be provided unless indicated otherwise in the curriculum. If you have other games or activities you’d like to play with your team, you will need to provide those supplies. Also, because the floor of Century II is concrete, we strongly recommend bringing cushioning of some sort (blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, carpet squares, bean bag chairs, etc.) to make the small group times more comfortable for you and your students. There are also a variety of other supplies available in the materials area, so be sure to talk with our wonderful materials coordinator, Cori Thonen (, if you have questions or specific needs.


I decided to dig up a tree to use as a booth decoration; how should I transport it to AIC?

Please contact Zachary Smisor for all questions related to tree removal and transportation.


Where should I park to unload all my booth decorations?

You will be able to enter Expo Hall via the doors in the lobby area that joins Expo Hall to the Performing Arts center (the round part of the building), so we recommend pulling up using the circle drive just south of the downtown library. Once you’ve finished unloading you may park anywhere in the Century II parking lots (metered parking). Alternately, you can park in the Hyatt parking garage at a rate of $10/day.


Can I collect addresses from my students so that I can send them notes after AIC?

In accordance with our Child Protection Plan policies, all communication with students must be done with the knowledge of and through the parents. If you would like to send notes, please request contact information directly from the parents and send any correspondence to the children addressed to their parents.


If you have questions that are not addressed here, please contact us and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. We look forward to serving with you at Adventures In Character!